Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Fitness Pals, and a New Challenge

So, my friend Erin decided that she wanted to get in shape. Naturally, I offered to go walking with her every day, and she took me up on it. Thus, a new fitness pal was born :)

Now, she is pretty well motivated. She is here almost every day. However, she is also someone who runs to the doctor anytime she has the sniffles, and will not exercise if she so much as sneezes. That is, of course, her choice. She has asthma, so getting even a cold can be serious. I definitely get it. But I apparently should have a job as a personal trainer, because every time she complains, or calls with an excuse, I want to send her "no excuses" pictures. I don't, though, because she did NOT actually hire me to motivate her. I am just a workout buddy, and I need to calm down ;)

All joking aside, it really is great to have a new exercise partner! Matthew still works out with me, but being a 12 year old boy, he would probably rather do many other things. Or ANY other thing, haha.

Once again, my town is doing a Biggest Loser challenge. And, once again, I signed up. I'm sure that I will not be the BIGGEST loser, but I'll be happy to be a loser at all!

Now, I decided to do an updated picture of Matthew and I after Zumba on Thursday, because it's been a while. I happened to know where the exact outfits we were wearing in our very first picture were, so after our Zumba pic, we changed into them and took a new one. WOW! What a difference!!! I was stunned. Then I did a before and after face one. I can't believe how round our faces were. See for yourself:

You don't realize the difference sometimes, until you see a picture. Remember, the number on that scale is not everything! How you look, how you feel, and how your clothes fit means so much more than some number. :) 

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