Monday, April 14, 2014

If it's not one thing....

It's another. I really wanted to finish the 30 day shred. But every time that I restart it, something happens. This time, about a week in, I got this awful, constant, pain in between my shoulder blades. It was incredibly unpleasant. All Google told me was that I was having a heart attack, so I slathered on some icy hot every couple hours to get through the day, and hoped it would go away soon. Once it did, I decided that God, or whomever you believe in, must be trying to tell me something. I started this because MATTHEW AND I were on this journey TOGETHER. He can't do the 30 day shred, so we sat down together to find something that we could both do. We finally decided on this:

Now, we probably wont lose ten pounds in two weeks, but at least it gives us something to get us back into a routine. Also, Zumba is cancelled for the next two weeks, so now we have something to keep us occupied.

I started writing this post on Saturday, and while I was writing it, we got a HUGE storm (Tornado? The jury is still out on that, but most people say yes) that knocked out our power. It just FINALLY came back on this evening. The damage to my town is pretty extensive, but luckily no one was hurt. Many houses, businesses and cars were, however. Mine, thankfully, was not one of them.

The weather here has been pretty great lately, when our town isn't being destroyed, so we have been walking a lot too. The day after the storm, we walked 2.7 miles to my mother's house. We didn't actually intend to walk all the way there, but that's where we eventually ended up. Luckily, she had power. The power came back on just in time for the temperature to drop below freezing tonight. Hopefully we get our nice walking weather back quickly!

So, that is what's going on with us these days. I am going to keep this blog updated more often, or at least try. I have the post about my It works! party half way written as well, but I'm tired, and Lucas wants to curl up in my lap and watch Frozen for the 7 billionth time, so I will finish that tomorrow.  Night :)        


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