Monday, April 21, 2014

It Works! Sort of...

A few weeks ago I had my It Works! wrap party. It was fun, and I had a pretty decent turn out. If you have never heard of this, this is the official website, and this is the Facebook page of Jessica, who did my party. I have been to other parties, and am actually going to one more next weekend. They are fun, and I like them.

However, the wraps are not that great, honestly. They sometimes work okay, for some people. The results are temporary though, and for some people, you actually look bigger after a wrap.They also cost $25 to try, and $100 for a box. This time, it didn't really work very well for me. Here are pictures from when we did my sister's party.



And here are the pictures from my party. Sorry about my very visible underwear.......


See, not a huge difference, but a little. And it makes my upper stomach bigger every time, which is annoying, since that's the part that I want gone. I mostly wanted the Greens, which are vitamins that are in powder form. You put them in juice or water, and drink them daily. They kind of taste like Flinstones vitamins. I really like them, but they are very expensive. And the thing that I really dislike about this company, is that in order to get any product at an even slightly reasonable rate, you have to be a Loyal Customer, which means that you have to have something shipped to your house, and have the cost automatically deducted from your bank account, for three months. Things like that rub me the wrong way. What if I don't want something every month? Well, they I better be prepared to pay full price. I got 5 sample packs of the greens for $5, with the intention to buy more later. Honestly, I drank them every day, and did not have any more energy then normal. I had hope that it would help with my extreme fatigue. It did not. I will probably still buy them, just to see, but if they don't do much this next time, I'm done.

So, what I'm saying is, if you get invited to a party, go if you want, they really are fun. But be prepared to spend at least $25, if you plan to wrap, more if you plan to buy :)

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