Saturday, May 31, 2014


My father-in-law came into town yesterday. When that happens, my husband insists on a spotless, immaculate house. So, even though the house was still pretty clean, I spent about 3 hours making sure that it was spotless. I love my floors, but it takes a long time to sweep and mop all of them. Anyway, the point of that story is, once I was done, at about 11 am, I wanted the house to stay clean. So, since it was such a beautiful day, Lucas and I decided to walk until Grandpa arrived. We ended up walking nearly six miles altogether (well, I walked, he rode in his stroller). It was awesome!! I love walking so much. I had my headphones, my music and some water. I wish I could do that every day. But, eventually the kids will be out of school, and they will probably want to do more than just walk all day.

Later on, after my husband came home from work, and my father-in-law arrived, they took off for bike night. The kids and I had the rehearsal for the wedding I'm officiating today, then had to go buy a couple last minute things for the wedding. I wanted a new pair of dress pants, but I am so picky! One of the worst things about being overweight is that everything I try on, I hate. However, after like 15 tries, I finally found something half way decent. My body was so tired and sore from walking by the time everything was done! I need to get used to long walks again.

However, I'm apparently a glutton for punishment. Lucas had taken a very late nap, so he was not even close to ready for bed. Alyssa was sound asleep, and Matthew went to his dad's. So, at like 11:30 last night, Luke and I set out on a late night walk. It was such a beautiful night!!! It didn't take long for Lucas to pass right out :)

This is my favorite kind of weather, and I am going to take as many walks as I can before the kids get out of school! If anyone ever wants to walk, with kids even, let me know. I don't get much adult interaction ;)

                       HAHAHAHA ^^^^                                     

                                       Every time I try on clothes ;)

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