Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekends and weddings

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a wedding to officiate on Saturday. It was the wedding of my beautiful friend, Megan, and my husband's nephew, Danny. So, of course, it was awesome. We had lots of fun, and I must've done pretty good, because I had a guest ask me to do her wedding this fall. I'm actually surprised by how much I enjoy doing weddings, since I do not like public speaking.

I took their son home when I left, so that they could enjoy the rest of their reception, properly ;) My kids loved playing with their cousin for the night. Sunday I went to my Uncle's in Romeo to go through my grandma's stuff with my mother and sister. Then I had my neighbor's daughter overnight. She forgot her "loveys" that she sleeps with, so I was up with her until nearly 1 am, helping her get to sleep. Now today I'm battling a migraine, and wishing it wasn't rainy out.

I still managed to get in at least a mile walking Saturday and Sunday, but if the rain doesn't go away, that won't be happening today :(

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