Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My wedding ring is too big...

And I am NOT sad about this!! This time last year, it was so small that I could not even wear it. Add my fingers swelling from the cold (I'm allergic), and my wedding ring sat on my microwave the entire year. This year, it not only fits, but is actually too big now. Yay :)

                                                    (Not my actual ring/hand ^^^)

Thanksgiving was hectic, but fun. My sister, Heidi and her boyfriend Nick, came up from Ohio on Wednesday. My sister Tracy came here for the night, and my sister Heather was already living here. Just missing the baby, Holly :( That was also my nephew Tyler's 4th birthday. So we had a birthday party, played Trivial Pursuit, and then put the kids to bed and broke out the Cards Against Humanity. That game is so very wrong, but also SO hilarious and fun! We stayed up way too late, but it was tons of fun.

Thursday we cooked, argued, ate and had some more fun. You know, typical Thanksgiving ;) I got Holly on Skype, and we took a "Sister Selfie". A few, actually. Which is good, because I was cut in half for some, haha. Hopefully next year we can have her here for real!!

I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I am now in full Christmas mode! Christmas is my favorite!!!


  1. You left out Gil. Did he have to work? Love it when family gets together.

  2. Oh! No, he was there as well. He was mostly watching football in the bedroom, but he made the stuffing, stuffed the turkey, and wrapped it in bacon ;)