Sunday, May 31, 2015


I have said it before: Music makes working out 1000 times better. It's just a fact. But it's not its exercise. I blast music while I clean my house, and it makes it enjoyable. Driving? I'll drive forever if I have some good music. I listen to it when I'm happy, when I'm sad, if I'm feeling melancholy, you name it. That is why Zumba is so enjoyable, I think. No matter how intense a move, or dance, is, you do it. In fact, we do a "dance" to Macklemore's Can't Hold Us, that is just all arm moves. Halfway through I want to CRY. If I was doing it in my living room to an exercise video, I would not finish. However, doing it in Zumba, to music, I push through. We all do. We whine, and groan, but we do it.

Sadly, we only have a few more Zumba classes. We are going until the parade that we are in, and then Thursday classes will be cancelled. This is a serious bummer for me, since Thursday is the only day that I can go. Jess is hoping to be able to start back up again in the fall, but only if we can get more people to come to class. Right now, it is just Matthew and me. So, I'll have to find some Zumba friends over the summer ;)

I didn't notice until I plugged my phone into the computer, but apparently Lucas took some pictures, and even a video, during our last Zumba class! He used the "Kids Camera" on my phone, so it went into a separate folder. They aren't very clear, but I thought that it was funny!

Anyway, whatever I have been doing must be working a little, because my sister keeps going on and on about how "good" and "toned" I look. I don't really see it, but I'll take the compliment anyway! I even put my belly button ring back in. Not that anyone will see it, but I like having it back :)

Now, if you have been even considering Zumba, you should go!! Or just add music to your workout, if you don't already. You will push yourself even harder, I promise!

An Update, and an Apology

I don't think anyone even reads this blog anymore, but I'm going to post anyway. First off, I apologize to anyone who does still read, for not posting sooner. Life simply got in the way. Well, life and an uncooperative laptop ;) I think that I have fixed the issue now though, so I should be good to go!

Okay, so, we went to Walt Disney World!!!!!! It was amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I did not care one bit that I never hit my goal weight. I happily posed for pictures, and had a fantastic time. Not once did I care about my size. And that's how it should be. The point of this blog is to get Matthew and myself healthy. Not skinny. Not that I'd complain about being skinny! But seriously, the trip went very well, and everyone had a blast. Even my grumpy husband managed to have fun!

I am already planning our next trip. And I truly do not care what my pants size will be when we go.

I'm sorry for the picture explosion! Oh wait. No I'm not ;) Here are a couple of the professional ones too!

Okay, I'm done now. I had originally planned on doing a cruise next, but the hubby gave me the okay to take the kids to WDW again next year, so I'm jumping on it! He will not be joining us this time (once was enough for him!), and I already have the entire trip planned. I think that I have a problem...