Monday, July 7, 2014


We had a busy, but fun, weekend. Fireworks Thursday and Friday, then Saturday we Zumba'd in the parade! It was tons of fun, as always. The weather was perfect, Lucas happily stayed with his daddy, and we all did awesome ;)

Before that though, we had to celebrate Independence Day. The next town over does a carnival, fireworks, and the aforementioned parade, every year. This year they did their fireworks on the 3rd. Then the next town over on the other side does theirs on the 4th every year. Usually we only go to one. This year, we decided to hit them both ;)

I didn't actually intend to go to the fireworks both nights, but Alyssa's sweet little face is hard to resist. My husband skipped Friday's, because he had to work on Saturday morning. I purposely parked as far away as possible on Friday, and managed to get three miles in walking there and back, ha. Both towns put on great shows, and of course, I took a million pictures. Here are a couple of my favorites:

 Then we had the parade. I wore my pink breast cancer awareness Zumba shirt. I bought it specifically for the parade, but honestly, I wasn't sure that it would fit by then. I was pleasantly surprised that it did. I love doing the parades! I'm a little sad that this is the only one that we are doing this year, but we always have next year ;) Here are some pictures from the parade:

Sorry for the short, mostly picture filled, post. I will write a longer one tomorrow :)

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