Monday, July 14, 2014

Sick Kids, Play "dates" and More

Over the weekend, all three of my children spiked fevers, and complained of sore throats. My poor Alyssa pretty much slept all day on Sunday. Today I took them to the doctor, and they all have tonsillitis, strep, or both. So, I get the great job of trying to get my youngest to take medicine. Again. Luckily, my awesome doctor took pity on me, and prescribed Lucas an antibiotic that he only needs to take once a day. Then Matthew gleefully announced that he "likes to swallow pills". Probably shouldn't brag about that, kid ;)

I also discovered, at the doctor, that Matthew has gained 11 pounds :(  Definitely not good. We hopped on the Wii Fit board before dinner, and that agreed. 11.4 lbs gained. He wasn't feeling up to jogging, but he did exercise for 30 minutes on the Wii. I did a body test too, and I have lost 7.7 lbs! Hooray :) The Wii told me that I only have 14.3 lbs to go before I hit my goal, which is awesome. That's not my complete goal, but it does put me in the 120s, which is fantastic. Then I told my husband, excitedly, that I was only 14 lbs away from the goal. His, loving, supportive reply? "Well, I like you best at about 110". Oh yeah? Well I like you best when you aren't an asshole. Guess we're both SOL ;)

I also got to go out kid free on Saturday night, which was awesome. My hilarious children called it an "Adult Play Date", haha. My sweet friend, and Zumba instructor, Jessica, invited me to see the play Gypsy with her at the theater in our town, The Snug. It was so much fun, and the show was great!! I never, ever do anything without my kids, so I'm very glad that I was able to go. Jess and I will definitely be doing it again. I had never been to The Snug before. I was very impressed. It's small, but beautiful. And, as Jessica pointed out, the size means that you never have a bad seat ;)

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