Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Walk it off

Sometimes, you are out for a jog, and you look up and see this sky heading your way:

Scared the crap outta me for a second. I thought it was a huge storm coming, less then two miles into my three mile jog. Luckily it was just some funky looking clouds ;) 

Rain wouldn't have bothered me, except I had Lucas, and he was sound sleep. The very last thing I wanted was for anything to wake him up. These nightly jogs are my favorite end to my day. No matter how crappy my day was, if the kids drove me nuts, or someone upset me, or anything, I literally just walk it off. No matter how tired, or bad I feel at the beginning, I always feel better (and hotter, and sweatier) by the end.

Last summer I had to quit jogging when it got really hot, because I felt like I was going to pass out by the end. This summer, that's just not happening. I will NOT quit. I found my sports bra tank tops, and this year, they actually cover my stomach. I have shorts, lightweight exercise capris, and motivation ;) I was shocked to realize the difference in how my tank top fit from last year to this year:
I think I can probably get away with working out in that now :)

I still don't want to hop on the scale, or try on my too-small-for-me jeans just yet. Whenever I start to feel good about my progress, that is guaranteed to ruin it, ha. So, for now I will just stick with pictures, and how I feel as my progress tracker. It's too hot for jeans right now anyway ;)


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