Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weddings and Walks

My cousin Autumn got married today. Her wedding was awesome. I only went to the ceremony, and I swear, it was the coolest wedding ever. I got to see my cousin Nate, whom I haven't seen in forever! Plus my kids were good, and quiet! So that was a relief. She was the most beautiful (and sparkly!) bride ever. And SO happy! I have never seen someone so thrilled to be getting married. It was really great.

We also got the new pool up and ready. The kids were crazy excited, then we had to leave. Ha. They got to go in it when we got home. It was COLD! It will be great exercise for Matthew though, and everyone else, as well. As long as it doesn't storm tomorrow, they plan to be in it pretty much all day :)

I will still go to the beach sometimes. I went there Thursday and Friday with my friend, Tara. It was nice to just soak up the sun while the kids played. I just had my younger two, no Matthew, no extras. It's hard though, when I have tons of extra kids, so the pool will be nice for those days.

Lucas and I went for a power walk, which I haven't done in a few days. It put him right to sleep as always. That is my favorite way to end the day. Plus, it seems to really be working. I wore a shirt today that I wore a month ago, for another wedding. It looked so different! Crazy.

Time for tons of pictures ;)

                                                    The beautiful Bride :)

                                          One month difference                                                        

                    My failed attempt at a beach selfie. I'm awful at them.                    

                                               The new pool!

                                                        Passed out kiddo

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