Friday, March 14, 2014

Haircut Friday

Today was crazy. I think that I spent more time in my van then anywhere else. First I had to take my husband to work at 6:30 am. Then home for an hour to get the kids ready for school, then off to school for Matthew and the bus for Alyssa. After that Lucas and I came home long enough to get him properly dressed, then we had to go to VGs to get cupcake trays for the Pi cupcakes for Matthew's math class. We then dropped those off to the middle school, stopped at home to grab the check I forgot, ran by my husband's work to get his Herbie Hancock ;) then went to the bank and Meijer. After we were done there, we came home. We got home just as Lucas' teacher was pulling up. Once she left, it was time to get the kids from the bus, and go to mine and Alyssa's hair appointment. That took 3 1/2 hours!! But it was fun, and we love our hair. After that was done, we ran to grab dinner, came home long enough to eat, then went to pick up my niece for a sleepover. While I was out, my husband called me to pick him up from work. By the time I got home again, I had less then an hour before I had to take my sister to work. I took her to work, and then finally got home at 11:20 pm.

Now, why, you ask, did I just tell you that boring, long winded account of my day? Well, I'll tell you why. I am wondering if driving can be considered exercise? If so, I burned plenty of calories today ;)

Seriously though, today was just nonstop! It is now midnight, and I'm trying to get this blog out, so that I can go to bed. These kids will be up early, as usual. Tomorrow's workout will be some high intensity... house work. I know, I lead an exciting life!

 Just in case you didn't get the reference. In which case, I'm very sad for you...

                                                         Pi Day cupcakes

My new haircut and highlights

                                      My pretty girl, and her new haircut

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