Saturday, March 8, 2014

Zumba Thursday, a Little Late

You are all in luck tonight. You get THREE blog posts for the price of one ;) Please try not to faint from your excitement.

Thursday was Zumba, as usual. And, as usual, it was great fun. Unfortunately, my children lost their privilege to use the nursery. I'm not sure what they did, but there was a sign saying that they were no longer allowed in there. I always make them clean it up, but perhaps they didn't put things away in the proper spot last time. The lady who told me about it was kind enough to say that it wasn't my kids, but they are the only ones who come, so... I can still bring them, but they have to sit at a table in the main room and color. They aren't thrilled with this, but they will have to survive. With my husband's new schedule, he is already in bed before I ever even leave for Zumba. So, bringing them is my only option. Next week I will bring them some toys and books to keep them occupied. Times like this I wish that I had a regular babysitter. That's okay though :)

One of the best things about Zumba, is that an hour of exercise flies by! It feels like its done so fast, and I never find myself wishing it would hurry up and end. The fact that you burn over 600 calories in that hour is pretty great too! Unlike most exercises, doing the same songs and dances does not get tedious. Plus you are so busy trying to keep up that you hardly notice anything else. That might not sound fun, but trust me, it is!

I have given up on asking people to join me at Zumba, but if you even get the chance to try it out, it's definitely worth it :)

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