Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Need New Shoes.

Normally, I don't go anywhere without my kids. Maybe the very, very occasional trip to the grocery store, if Lucas is asleep. But 9 times out of 10, I have my kids, plus some extras, everywhere I go. Last night, however, I took the kids for a drive right at bedtime, knocked the younger two out, put Matthew in bed, and went for a three mile walk all by myself. I did not give my husband a choice in the matter. And it was GLORIOUS. I didn't run, or really even jog much. I just walked fast. My shins were burning for the first mile, then it was all good after that. I think that I would like to do that every night.

However, I need new shoes. By the end of my walk, my toes on my right foot were stinging. I would like to buy a good pair of walking sandals for summer, but I'm not sure what kind. My sister told me about these, which I love. But there is no way that my husband will agree to me spending $110 on a pair of shoes. So, if anyone knows of a decent, inexpensive walking sandal, please let me know :)

Lucas and I took a three mile walk today, but I still would like to go out alone tonight, if I can. I honestly would have walked for so much longer last night, but my husband needed to get to bed. I love putting my headphones on, and just going. Yeah, I'm definitely thinking tonight has to happen!! Another car ride may be in order ;)

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