Saturday, June 14, 2014


I always seem to hurt myself in the most ridiculous ways.

So, about a month ago, everyone in my family (and the neighbors. Oops, sorry!) got colds. They were just normal, run of the mill colds, but the cough that went along with them lingered. One evening, a couple weeks ago, I was giving my younger children a bath, when i started coughing, and couldn't stop. Matthew heard me, and went to get me a drink. After I finally stopped, my ribs hurt. They STILL hurt when I speed walk. I think I pulled a muscle. Coughing. Seriously, who does that?!

Then yesterday I was walking into store, and they had this weird stuff that I can only describe as "side walk chalk" all over the place in front of the doors. My sandal got stuck in it, and came off my foot as I tried to step, bruising my foot. Luckily that one doesn't actually hurt, it just looks like it should.

Then today a freaking BIRD attacked my head. The kids and I were out walking, and as I passed under a tree, this light blue bird flew at me and grabbed my hair on the top of my head with her feet. Then she tried to come back again, but I ducked. She didn't hurt me, just surprised me, but I can still feel where she grabbed. Crazy bird!

Apparently when I said that I will be walking at least three miles every day, the universe took that as a challenge.

Yesterday was the last day of school for the children. YAY!! I love summer vacation :) I will not be able to walk as far, or as often, during the days. On top of my own three kids, I will have my nephew Tyler every other week, my (great) nephew Danny every week, and my friend Rob's daughter whenever he needs me. We will still walk sometimes, of course, just not miles at a time. So, my long walks will all have to be later in the evening. That's okay though, totally worth it :)

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