Thursday, June 26, 2014

Zumba Thursdays- Tiny Dancers

We had several little dancers that joined us for Zumba tonight. I had my kids, my sister came with my niece, and my daughter's friend, who is also my friend's daughter, came along. Emma has been asking to come to Zumba for quite a while, and today we were finally able to do it. Man, that little girl got DOWN! She was Zumba-ing her little heart out. She loved it so much that she asked when she can come back, while we were walking home :)

Before Zumba, I took the kids to the beach, to meet up with Emma and her Aunt. I didn't go in the water, because it's freezing, but I wore my bathing suit anyway. I was surprised by how different my suit fits this year. You never really notice weight loss, until you put on something that you haven't worn in a while ;)

OH! We also bought a pool  today! YAY!! My husband is supposed to put it up after work tomorrow. He probably won't, but hopefully by this weekend. I'm very, very excited to get this thing set up. It will be so nice to just go swimming in our own backyard.

Sorry for a short post tonight. I'm exhausted. I was battling a migraine all day, and that wipes me out. So, to make up for it, here are several pictures, and a video ;)

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