Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The only bad thing about the late Spring/early Summer weather, is that it tends to bring with it a lot of rainy nights. Oh, I know, Eddie Rabbitt said it best. And I DO love the rainy nights, but AFTER my nightly jog, please. I have still been able to walk during the day, but it likes to rain in the evenings. That makes it hard for Matthew and I to go out. Only because Lucas always wants to come too. I actually don't mind walking or jogging in the rain. Oh well. We will figure it out eventually. We always do :)

I also got the okay from my homeowners insurance to put a pool up in my backyard! I am very excited about this. Especially since my local beach will no longer have lifeguards, or bathrooms. And it doesn't matter what I look like in my bathing suit ;)

Since I have my nephew, Tyler, here this week, I dug the wagon out so the boys and I could walk still. Now Lucas is obsessed with riding in the wagon EVERY time we walk. I don't mind it, but sometimes the stroller is just easier. I guess this isn't meant to be easy though, right?

Sometimes I wish that I had two treadmills in my basement, for times when it's rainy out. Matthew and I could just run on those. But, my husband made me get rid of all of my exercise equipment when we moved. Ironically, to a bigger place. With a basement.

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