Thursday, June 26, 2014

Little Fitness Pals ;)

My daughter, Alyssa, always wants to go out jogging with me in the evenings. I always tell her no, because I go to far, and too fast. for her little legs. The other day, however, Lucas REALLY wanted her to go with us. He then got all ready, and promptly fell asleep on the couch. Alyssa still wanted to go though, so her, Matthew and I went out. Then yesterday my niece was here, and Lucas wanted us all to go out again. This time he stayed awake. So, all the kids and I went out. We did my usual three miles both times, just much slower ;)

I, of course, took several pictures. I'm sure you are going to ask what is up with the shadow pictures lately. Well, I wanted a picture of the kids and I, but I hate my face. I know, that's awful to say, but I have really awful self esteem. Especially since, on the rare occasions that I do post a "selfie", I get messages telling me how awful they are :'(

I took measurements the other day, and over the last couple months, I have lost 8 inches. I don't see where, but whatever. I'll take it!! It's a very slow process, but Ill get there eventually. 

Unfortunately for Alyssa, I want to get back to power walking. So, she is going to have to stay home in evenings. And actually, I don't think she'll mind too much. The walks are a bit much for her. Plus the other night, it was really foggy, and dark. So her and Matthew were a bit creeped out ;)

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