Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Spoke Too Soon!

Ugh. Yesterday I got too cocky. I should have never said that it was "just" a head cold. I woke up this morning with a fever, feeling like death. I feel a thousand times worse today then I did yesterday. I just want to sleep. Or possibly die. Alas, I have three kids. And they insist on being fed every night. Honestly, kids these days... ;)

I had to skip working out today. I didn't want to, but every part of me hurts. Matthew and I didn't even do our challenge. I hope that this sickness goes away soon! I'll be bummed if I have to miss Zumba tomorrow.

Of course, today of all days, my husband had to work late. He's still not home. Luckily my kids are pretty good, and they are very helpful when I'm sick. Now hopefully they fall asleep quick, so that I can pass out. Lucas took a late nap, so he might be up late. I wanted to curl up with him earlier, but today was my late day with my nephew, Tyler, so he was here until 6:30. Sorry for whining. I really have nothing useful to write about tonight. I'm pretty out of it. Keep your fingers crossed that I get better by tomorrow!!

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