Monday, February 3, 2014

This Was a Terrible Idea...

Why did I do this? What was I thinking? What on Earth made me think that this was a good idea? Jillian, I hate you. 

These were all the thoughts running through my head while I did day one of the 30 day shred. Anyone who has done one of her workouts knows what I'm talking about. She is intense, and she says things like "If you feel like you're going to die... then stick with Anita". She has no sympathy for you, or me, because she KNOWS we can do it. Even when we don't. That is also why I love her. And when those 20 minutes were up, I thought: Wow, that was quick. Today I kept the volume up, and listened to Jillian. Tomorrow I will mute her, and put on some music. The workout always goes quicker that way.

So, that was my 20 minutes of high intensity exercise. Matthew also did 20 minutes of a high intensity workout on his Ninja app. Now I did say AT LEAST 20 minutes, so I thought about joining Matthew in his workout. But I remember from past experience how sore I will be tomorrow, so I figured that I shouldn't push it. Matthew and I are almost done with our 30 day challenges, so we did those too.

I don't know how everyone else does the 30 day shred, but I plan to do ten days of each level. That seems like the easiest way to keep track. I think that I am supposed to measure myself after each level is complete, so I will do that as well. I'm also buying a blender this weekend. So, if you have any good smoothie, or other blender type recipes, please share them with me :)

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