Sunday, February 9, 2014

Must Be Doing Something Right..

Well, I must be doing something right. I noticed that my pajama pants, and workout pants keep falling down. When I did the 30 Day Shred video today, I had to tie the string on my pants because they kept falling down. I've never had to do that. So, I decided to try on a couple pairs of jeans from my "someday" pile. Both pairs that I put on fit! They are a bit snug in the stomach, but they'd be perfect with the "rubber band trick". Last time that I tried them on, I couldn't even get them over my hips and butt. I'd call that progress ;)

Oh, I have a very funny story to tell. I have been drinking apple cinnamon water while I work out this week. After a day or two in the fridge, the water turns a very light yellow color. Similar to the Sangria that I have in my fridge. I almost never drink. If I do have a glass of wine, it is half of a VERY small wine glass, and that is it. Less then once a week. My sister was here last week though, and she drinks several glasses of wine every night. Yesterday, I had a large glass of apple water in my hand when I came out of the room from exercising. My husband looked at me and very calmly said "Oh... Um, is that wine..?". His face was so funny. He was trying so hard to not freak out. I could literally hear him thinking "Tracy is NEVER staying here again!" Hahaha!!!

Today was day 7 of the 30 Day Shred. My cousin Tonia advised me to take rest days, as it's better for your mind and body. So, I'm going to take her advice, and have one rest day in between each level of the 30 day shred. After I'm done with the shred, I'll do a rest day once a week. Matthew will continue to get a rest day once a week. Tonia did say that she has been known to still take a brisk walk on her "rest day", so I won't feel too bad that my "rest day" this week will be on Zumba Thursday :)

My kids like to watch me while I do my workouts, and Lucas is like my little personal trainer. He'll say "Mommy, get up, they are getting up" when the ab section ends. Or if I pause to take a drink, "Mommy, keep exercising. Those girls are still exercising". He hands me my weights, controls my music, and gives me water. It's adorable! He definitely will not let me slack off!

Alyssa likes to join me in certain exercises. Butt kicks are her favorite. She also likes the punches. I love that all three of my kids are involved in the journey with me. It's easier to stay on track when you have little eyes watching you. And when your three year old channels Jillian Michaels...


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