Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weigh In Day

Well, even though we started this on the 6th of January, I decided that we should weigh in on the first of every month, to make it easier. So, today we weighed ourselves. We are down one pound each. Not great, but hey, a loss is better than a gain :)

Still, one pound isn't much for an entire month, so I really think that we need to step it up a notch. There have been too many days where all we did were our challenges. We need to MAKE time for full workouts, even short ones, every single day! So February's goal is to do at least 20 minutes of a high intensity workout every single day, in addition to our challenges. I'm going to start up the 30 Day Shred on Monday (I'm weird about start days, it has to be a Monday, hence this blog starting on the 6th). Matthew can do his Ninja workouts, the Wii Fit, or even just some jumping jacks and running in place if he wants.

I am also going to make sure that we are watching our portions, and making good choices. We haven't been doing awful, but we could always do better too. Let's see if we can do better next month!

I will say though, I wish Matthew and I had measured ourselves last month. I definitely think that I have lost inches, because my pants fall off when I walk up and down my stairs now. I think I will measure us tonight, and recheck that next month as well.

I just read an article about Miranda Lambert's 35 lb weight loss. Apparently she never deprived herself, she just cut her portions in half. That, to me, is the perfect way to do it. Then you never feel like you have to cheat. Eat what you like, just eat less of it, just like I said yesterday ;)


  1. Way to go! A pound is a pound closer to your goal!

    I feel the same way...don't deprive yourself! I have also been finding "healthier" recipes for the foods I love the most. Frozen banana ice cream has the consistency of soft serve so I feel like I"m getting ice cream but it's healthy.

  2. I need a Blender so that I can make that! It looks good.