Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

I woke up at 6am with a migraine. I stumbled to the bathroom, took four Tylenol, and went back to sleep. Two hours later, I awoke again, to my children trying to be quiet as they poured themselves cereal. I still had the migraine. It hung on until about noon. After that I was so drained that I could hardly stand. However, four days of being sick means that my house was a disaster. So, I got up and, with the help of my kids, cleaned it. When my husband got home, we ordered pizza, sent my daughter off to her sleepover, and called it a night. Those were our big, exciting Valentine's Day plans.

I had originally planned to take my kids out to dinner, but I just was not feeling well enough. My husband and I don't make a big deal about Valentine's day. He used to try, but I'm just not that into it. I do something small for my kids, and get my husband a card, or something small, but for me, it's a sad day. Nine years ago, my Aunt Sandi died, very, very unexpectedly, on Valentine's Day. So, she is on my mind pretty heavily every year. I still remember every detail of that day like it was yesterday...

Anyway, sorry to be a Debbie Downer. I hope those of you that celebrate had a good day. I am finally, just in the last couple of hours, feeling better. I think tomorrow I should be good to get back to working out. Finally!! That cold (flu?) was awful. I am going to be taking my kids to dinner tomorrow, since we didn't today, but I will make sure to get a workout in too. I was supposed to go to an It Works! wrap party tomorrow, but now my husband has to work :(

I'm very excited to get back to blogging about exercise, instead of fevers, or whatever I've been writing about the last few days. I've been so out of it that I honestly have no idea what I've written. I'm a little scared to go read it. I hope it was at least coherent...

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