Thursday, February 6, 2014

Zumba Thursday- Zumba With The Sis-Star!

It's Thursday again, and you know what that means... ZUMBA!!! Hooray :) This week my sister Tracy came with us. She had tons of fun, and wants to come again. YOU would too, if you tried it ;) It is the most fun that I have working out all week! I am sore and tired from all of the other workouts (and shoveling!) this week, but Zumba is so much fun that I don't notice it. Until I'm done at least. Or maybe I'm just getting stronger, and building up more endurance.

I did still do the 30 Day shred today too. I'm on day three. I actually finished it ten minutes before it was time to leave for Zumba. Luckily I still survived zumba class after having Jillian yell at me for 20 minutes, ha ha. I didn't make Matthew do any other workouts today, because an hour of Zumba is plenty. Normally on Thursdays that's all that we do. However, no rest day on the shred, so too bad for me.

It feels weird that Matthew and I don't have any challenges to do today. We got so used to doing them every night. I am going to start a new one for us on Monday. I decided to give it a few days between challenges. Plus, you know, Monday.

Matthew goes to his dad's right after school tomorrow, so that means two days of no exercise for him, which is a bummer. But he'll get right back to it on Sunday. I guess at his age he should probably have a couple of rest days anyway. I want him to be healthy, not hurt.

My sister and nephew have been here all week, so it's been pretty crazy with two insane three year olds running around. We are still finding time for exercise though, so I can't complain ;)

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