Saturday, February 1, 2014

Frappe Friday

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to frappes. All of them. At one point, I was buying one a day. I even got my husband hooked. However, I then discovered just how horribly unhealthy they are. So, I cut way, way down. I went from one large a day, to one small every six months or so. Then, McDonald's released their chocolate covered strawberry frappe. That is a huge threat to my system here guys... Haha. Seriously, they are good. I promise I won't buy one a day though, or even one a week.

I know that eating healthy is a huge step to weight loss, but I just can't bring myself to strictly diet. And I definitely won't make my eleven year old child diet. Eat healthier, yes, but diet, no. I want to teach Matthew, and my other two kids as well, that moderation is the key. If you want pizza, eat pizza. Just don't eat the entire pizza in one sitting. Eat ice cream, but eat one scoop, not seven. I don't want my kids thinking that "junk" foods are so taboo that they have to sneak them. That will definitely create bad eating habits.

When it comes to eating out, whether it's fast food, or a sit down restaurant, we really don't do it very often. Not even once a week. We like that to be a special treat, not a way of life. We have pretty much cut McDonald's out completely (except frappes, of course) because anytime we ate it, it made us feel icky. Our small town is pretty limited on fast food, so that is helpful.

Food is necessary, so I don't want to make it something my kids should fear. They can learn healthy choices, and balance. I hope...

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