Thursday, January 30, 2014

Zumba Thursday- Zumba!

Today was Zumba day. YAY! I actually thought that I might have to miss Zumba today. Lucas woke up with a fever and felt icky all day. So, there is no way he was coming with me, and he's not real fond of me leaving without him. Besides, who could leave a sick baby who just wants his mommy? Lucky for me though, he was sleeping when it was time to go. So, off we went.

Since it's winter in Michigan, and we have 47 feet of snow, I usually wear my winter boots, and just bring tennis shoes with me. Today, however, I forgot my shoes. So I had to Zumba in winter boots. That made my feet SO sweaty. I definitely don't recommend it.

Even though my feet were extra sweaty, I still had tons of fun! One great thing about going to Zumba every week, is that you start to learn the lyrics of all the songs (if you don't already know them). Knowing the words to the songs somehow makes the dances easier. My two favorite dances are Timber and Dance With Me Tonight, I think partly because I know the songs.

Of course, as soon as you learn all the songs, Jessica changes them up on you. But that is to be expected. Every workout routine needs variety. It is always fun to learn new songs! I have my favorites, and some that are not my favorite, but none that I just don't like. It's all fun, and upbeat :)

                                          Matthew's new Zumba Shirt

                                         Mama rockin' the winter boots

                                      Matthew's new Zumba headband

                           Jessica, Alyssa, and me with our Zumba bracelets

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