Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another Snow Day!

Today was another "snow" day for the kids. It was actually a wind chill day, but whatever. Matthew and I had wanted to play Just Dance 2014, but the 2nd remote had no batteries, so we just went with the Wii Fit again.

I had intended to do several different things today, but I took so long on the bicycling that my legs were jelly! Whoops, ha ha. Matthew did the obstacle course several times. Then he was invited to Kyle's house, so that was it for him. Gotta let kids be kids, right?

My niece and nephew were both here all day today. My niece and my daughter are both 7, and my nephew and son are both 3. So they kept me pretty busy. Between the girls and their constant "costume changes" and the boys running all over, it was pretty crazy in here. The kids all had fun though.

Matthew and I did our challenges, of course. 105 crunches, but only 80 squats. However, we are up to THREE MINUTES on the plank. Not fun!! I am impressed with Matthew though. He has not tried to give up, or complained about exercising even once. Oh don't get me wrong, we complain, loudly, while we are planking, but that's complaining together ;)

My cousin Tonia told me that the 30 day Shred was on Groupon for only $5.99 today! Yay! I can't wait to start it when these challenges are over! As I said before, Matthew will not be doing that one with me. Jillian is just too hardcore for kids. I may have him do some modified moves alongside me, if he wants.

The kids are back to school tomorrow, so I'm losing my workout buddy during the day. Maybe Lucas will join me ;)

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