Friday, January 17, 2014

The More The Merrier!

I have had several people express interest in joining us since I started this blog. I'm sure that I'll never see most of them, but the few that are serious, I'm very excited about! We are talking about having a weekly "workout date", and one of my friends is coming to Zumba with us next week. I'm hoping that she likes it enough to keep coming. 

It reminds me of many years ago, before I had any kids. My sisters Heather, and Tracy, along with Heather's friend Krista, and I, used to go to the gym several times a week. We would go to lunch, go shopping, and have lots of fun. I loved it! I've said it before, but working out with friends is the best! I wish we had a gym around here with childcare, I'd go all the time! I need a bunch of treadmills, ellipticals and stair steppers in my basement ;) I had an elliptical, but my husband made me give it away when we moved. So, for now I have to stick with apps, videos, challenges and the Wii.

Today we did day 11 of the challenges. Even though it was our 3rd day of the 60 second plank, Matthew and I both struggled with it. I'm guessing the 120 squats that we did right before might be the reason why! Matthew also danced his butt off at the after school party they had tonight. He is spending the night at his best friend Kyle's tonight, so no other workouts for him. I think he did plenty though.

The water app that I downloaded is working out pretty well. It reminds me to drink my water, so I do. I only need about 3 of my tumbler glasses a day, so its not too bad. I drink that most days anyway. This just makes sure that I don't slack on it.

It has been snowing all day here, so maybe tomorrow Matthew and I will get our workout by shoveling ;)

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