Friday, January 10, 2014

Thanks For the Workout, Winter.

Today's major workout for me, was shoveling the 40 tons of snow out of my driveway. I got stuck several times between driving Bob to work and taking the kids to school. So I figured I should finally take care of the pile of snow that has been sitting in my driveway. The weather has been too cold for me to be outside, but I'm thinking next time I'll risk the swelling and hives and just shovel in the cold! The snow was a pain in the behind, since we had driven over it several times. Plus it was 7am, and doing anything at 7am sucks. It was definitely a workout though. So, that is a plus.

Matthew and I also did day four of our challenges. That was it for Matthew though. He has bronchitis, so he needs to take it easy for a couple days. Lucky for him tomorrow is a rest day for the challenges ;)

We have not really changed much in what we eat just yet, I'm trying to add that in slowly. However, Matthew has been eating slower, and stopping as soon as he feels full, even if there is food left on his plate. That is a HUGE improvement, and I'm very proud of him for that. He is at his dad's this weekend, so I'm on my own tomorrow. I will NOT be shoveling snow.

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