Wednesday, January 15, 2014

As it Turns Out, Food is Important.

I have a confession to make, I'm terrible about eating. I often go all day without eating, then end up shaky and cranky by dinner time. I have been doing better lately, but today I got busy, and went all day without eating. By the time I went to pick up my husband, I was a big crabby mess. I tried to have a glass of wine that was leftover from New Year's Eve to relax, but it turns out that wine is still gross. Oh well.

I downloaded an app that my friend Nikcole posted about on Facebook. It tells you how much water you should be drinking, based on your weight. Then it bugs the crap outta you all day to drink it. You input what you drink, so that it can keep track for you. I love water, ice cold yummy water. But I still don't drink enough of it. I'm hoping that this app will help. It is called Water Your Body. If you have trouble remembering to drink water, or just aren't sure how much to drink, this may help.

Today was day 9 of the 30 day challenges. We once again got them completed before dinner, and once again ate less than normal. I was actually very surprised by Matthew. He is doing so, so great at stopping as soon as he feels full. I'm incredibly proud.

I have a funny story about planking. Yesterday we were up to 45 seconds, and today 60 seconds. It is, of course, getting more difficult. Lucas like to "exercise" with us when we do the crunches and squats, but usually just watches while we plank. Yesterday he decided to lay underneath me while I planked. That definitely made me stay up ;) Today however, he slid underneath me, lifted my shirt and bra, and nursed while I planked! Laughing while you are trying to plank makes it a bit more difficult, I discovered, but luckily I managed to not fall :)

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