Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Workout Buddy

Yes, I know. This blog is about Matthew and me being workout buddies. However, he goes to school 8 hours a day, so sometimes I need to tag someone else into the ring ;)

Today my friend, and workout buddy, Joy and I had an "exercise date". We basically just searched YouTube for exercise videos, and did a bunch. Then we did a 20 minute circuit on my Fitnet app. I think altogether we probably did between 45-60 minutes of exercise. I am sore still (again?), but that is okay. It was fun! I've said it a million times, but working out with friends is fun. I can't wait for warmer weather, so that we can go for walks. I might start jogging again. Maybe...lol.

Matthew is doing fitness tests in gym this week, so I am letting that be his daily workout. It's his last week of gym class though, so next week he is back at it here at home. Today was a rest day for the crunch and squat challenges, and another 90 second plank. Matthew did better than I did! The kid is really rocking these challenges.

I am considering doing the 30 Day Shred next month, when we are done with this set of challenges. Just for me, I think it's too much for Matthew. He can use his Ninja app. I was doing it at our old place, and really liked (and hated) it. Jillian Michaels is insane! But effective. The problem that I have with the 30 day shred is just finding the opportunity to do it. Our only DVD player is in the kids' playroom. There is enough room in there, however it's hard with Lucas underfoot. I can try to do it when he takes his naps, that's what I used to do. Or after he falls asleep at night.

If you have a Google account, leave me a comment and tell me if you think that I should start the shred back up next month :)

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