Monday, January 6, 2014

No time like the present!

On Christmas morning, my 11 year old son, Matthew, got three brand new pairs of jeans, all size 16. Every single pair was too tight in the waist. I knew he'd been getting a bit round, but this made me REALLY look at him. He was definitely past the point of "baby chub" and getting into unhealthy territory. As someone who's father died from a heart attack at only 38, I decided that maybe we should implement some lifestyle changes around here. I still haven't lost the baby weight from my three year old. I think it's about two years past "baby weight" now. Neither Matthew, nor I, will be dieting. Instead we will be eating healthier, and getting exercise every day. I don't want to teach my son that you need to crash diet to lose weight. I want to teach him how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, no matter what you weigh. This blog is mostly just to keep us accountable. I will post every day, to help us stay motivated. Please feel free to share your stories, tips, or even just encouragement! I will be posting stats once a month. Including a picture of us.

Mom- Starting Weight: 154
           Current Weight: 154
           Goal Weight: 110

Matthew- Starting Weight: 134
                Current Weight: 134
                Goal Weight: 110

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