Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tabatas Make You Cry

If you have never heard of the tabata workout, it is a high intensity interval workout. This article describes it pretty perfectly.

My friend Lauren told me about the tabata workouts a few weeks ago. Well, I should say that I thought she was my friend. Apparently she secretly hates me, because tabatas are INSANE. I did three tabata workouts on my Fitnet app today. The workout is called "Tabatas Make You Tough". This may be true, but tabatas also make you cry, and beg for your mommy. I can totally see why they work though, so I will definitely be doing more! And to be honest, even while I was begging for mercy, I LOVED it!

I'll let you in on a little secret, and please don't hate me. But I love working out! I love the gym, Zumba, yoga, pilates, walking, jogging, treadmills, elliptical, stair steppers, and most exercise videos. Once I really get to know a workout, I tend to mute it, and blast my own music. I know that not everyone loves to exercise, and there is nothing wrong with that! There are some workouts that I just can't get into, and a few exercises that I really don't care for. But overall, I really enjoy it.

Along with the tabata workouts, 15 minutes total, I also did 10 minutes of the lite cardio on Fitnet. Then Matthew and I did our 30 day challenges. We were both thrilled to see that it was a rest day for the plank. 90 seconds is killer.

Tomorrow I am going to do the other three tabatas in the Fitnet series, then I might look into some of the ones in the article that I linked. My husband has the day off for Martin Luther King Day, so the jury is still out on how much I will be able to do. Sometimes when he's home it's easier, other times, not so much. Today I did my exercises upstairs while him and Lucas both napped in the living room. As most of you know, we moved into the house that we built in November. It is amazing how much more I can do here! In the apartment I could barely walk around without waking them up. Here I was literally jumping up and down right above them, and it didn't make a sound. That definitely makes things easier ;)

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