Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lazy Saturdays

Sometimes, even people who write fitness blogs need a lazy day. Today was that day. I did day four of the plank challenge, and a half an hour of cardio, but that was it. The other two challenges were rest days. I did walk through the grocery store with a three year old, if that counts. Matthew is at his dad's this weekend, but he did his plank challenge there. My daughter is at a sleepover, so it's just my husband, three year old, and me.

I'm not sure what to even write about today. The baby is napping, so I just finished my 30 minutes of cardio. We bought some groceries, and completely skipped the frozen food aisles, which is very rare for us. We mostly stuck to the outside aisles. Yay, us! I need to go back tomorrow and get some things for a few healthy recipes that I want to write down. Sorry this post is short and boring.

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