Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Was Wrong.

Yesterday, I said that I was going to do the last three tabata workouts.Well, I was very wrong. I woke up this morning very sore from yesterday's tabatas. So, today will definitely NOT be a tabata day. I didn't realize how well they really worked until today. WOW!

Today my husband and I deep cleaned the house. We had hoped that if we "Spring Clean" early, then maybe Spring will come early. Based off of the weather predictions, it will not :( However, cleaning is good exercise, and my house looks great.

I also did a little bit of cardio, and Matthew and I did day 14 of our challenges. Matthew once again did the entire 90 second plank without falling! Those planks are insane. We had to do 80 crunches, and 125 squats. I am surprised that the squats didn't hurt more, since I was so sore.

Tomorrow is my "Workout Date" with my friend Joy. It should be fun :) Sorry this one is short. Its late, and I'm tired.

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