Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Apps are Amazing

Today Matthew and I completed day two of our three 30 day challenges. Yesterday, Matthew had quite a bit of trouble with the plank. He couldn't hold himself up, and struggled with correct form. Today, he dropped down into plank position and did those 20 seconds like it was his job! I felt like just those challenges were not enough cardio, so I went on the hunt for things we can do at home. We have a Wii, along with the Wii Fit game, and balance board. We also have three Just Dance games, a Zumba game, and some other fitness type game. But with school, homework, and a husband that pretty much takes over the living room at 4;30pm, it's hard to get on the Wii during the week. So, at the suggestion of my friend Sophie, I looked up fitness apps on my iPad. I found one for me called Fitnet. It is awesome!! I love it. So, I did three 5 1/2 minute workouts, and a 2 1/2 minute cool down on that today as well. However, since Matthew is a kid, I thought I'd try something a bit more fun for him. I found an app called NinjaFitness, and he seems to really like it. So he did a zen workout on that tonight.

Tomorrow will be the first entry in a weekly segment I will be doing. It will be about mine and Matthew's absolute favorite way to exercise. You will also hear about my awesome friend Jessica, and how she is helping Matthew and me in our journey. Stay tuned!

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